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The Rio Chirripo Realty office is located and operated by Frank & Oriana from out of the Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat Center in San Gerardo de Rivas, Costa Rica. It is one of the best-loved destinations and nature lodges in the area. Visitors should expect yoga, meditation, hiking, birdwatching or pure relaxation. Let the beautifully spectacular natural surroundings of our retreat and estate planning office rejuvenate your body and soul as we guide your search for just the right property for you. We strive to maintain the highest standards, representing both buyers and sellers, as we work for the best outcome. When the time arrives clients can choose to use our team of surveyors, lawyers, and escrow company. Being that we are experts in hospitality already, we will assist you to not only purchase your dream piece of paradise but also help you acclimate to the eclectic mountain surrounds that is home to Local Ticos and foreigners who appreciate the mild climate, clear blue rivers, extensive network of hiking trails, and being part of a unique community.


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